I’ll admit it. You single-handedly crucified my mentality then enlisted to be the leader of my autopsy.  I let you.  You’ve always been proficient at perception pursuits, the mind games. A pro player… Continue reading


Heart sick sensations alloyed with contented elation Chronic oscillation of obstinate pulsation  Intoxicating libation Thorny foundations stemmed into layered commiseration Fortified vibration Flirtatious formation and ignited creations Vital cultivation  Fevered duration, impulsive temptation … Continue reading


It has no pretense no false intentions  Zero demands no struggling contentions It doesn’t keep score won’t conceal or harbor It’s an open door and heals, a coat of armor Love’s not dishonest… Continue reading


I gave up on giving in to your allure, the charismatic temptation of you I know what it tastes like… Forbidden fruit and lewd bites, teeth sunken and daringly drunk in love while… Continue reading


With a face of steel you practice what to feel… Self-centered you censored the pain until it grew like weeds, blinded by your own darkness at light’s speed Your emotions are misplaced, your… Continue reading

Water Under The Bridge

You called today to speak of your love, an affinity that was forsaken Reminiscing a past that failed to endure… You called today and relished at the way my name honeyed on your… Continue reading


Had a ball with your masquerade… You wore a mask and raided my love. Love, it hung in the air… Walked on cloud nine blind, while you swung, hit and missed me until… Continue reading


Bona fide allegiance we painted the ideal picture. A sculpted silent charade, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The art of we, internally you hardened to me… Like arteries you were carried away from my… Continue reading


He dove in. Then delved deeper. Dismantled and denuded her esteem like storm ravaged trees, divesting her deepest distress… Exposing her deep-seated and disfigured destruction. He rehearsed. Preyed. Deserted and doubled back leaving… Continue reading


Each episode of ours ends early with an empty experience, exuding exertion and extracting energy…exhumation of enigmas eradicating the epoxy that should have endured. We were equipped with enough equity and ethos, the… Continue reading