That Ship Has Sailed

We were destined to be just as fate would allow

I saw you for what you were and willingly complied

I wasn’t blind

Whether you caught me or not I was falling, I was knee deep in it

You counted your blessings and took advantage of my disadvantage, unconditional love

I was stuck on you

Attached I was glued, adhering to the idea of your affection someday mirroring mine

I relied on your devotion…

Bound to the belief that you were listening while I was critically whispering

They say if you love something set it free, should I let you leave?

It’s clear you have no intent on rescuing me out of this mental quicksand

You were dark and cold…

Then you disappeared like the sun kissing the ocean and all I could do was watch it set

Prudent? No. Foolish? Maybe so, but I’ve got to make friends with that part of me

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