On the underside of an hour from dusk and the sand continued to beam from the rays of the once rising sun. She climbed out of the bungalow and hopped onto his sweaty back giggling at his surprise as he ran full speed towards the calling ocean. Falling into the deep, they arrived with smiles as he released her coral top’s tie from behind. They candidly frolicked in the salted bounding main under squawking gulls in an endless motley consumed sky. The sun met the horizon and the waves began to batter the bank as he pulled her beneath the surface stealing a kiss. His hands caressed her back then cupped her breasts. As she opened her eyes he reached for her neck, his grip quickly firming. Veins popped out of her head like lightning bolts splitting the atmosphere, her legs kicking wildly. He rose above keeping her down by the top of her head as she frantically fought for air. Her movements slowed and she limply fell into the void. Back to shore, he gathered his shirt and their towels and headed to the hotel bar. He sat next to a man on the last stool finishing his drink never acknowledging him. He reached below him grabbing a briefcase near his feet and headed to his room leaving the man on his stool. He barely shut the door behind him before emptying the money out of the briefcase onto his bed. His cruise would leave at dawn, but he didn’t want to take any chances. He packed his things then headed to shower before fleeing. Pulling the thick curtain back he was greeted with piercing misery and stood shocked at the amount of blood leaving his body. He fell to his knees. His heartbeat echoed in his ears as he struggled to breathe, the blade of the knife still in his abdomen. He heard a door close and everything drew black.

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