About Me

My name is Talea and I created this site to hide plainly in the open hence the statement ‘A Publicly Private Perspective’ and like most people, I too would rather not be judged or criticized. However, I do know that this is an everyday occurrence so I’m utilizing this site to show that I deserve to be here regardless. My writing is full of sporadic, unplanned, and candid thoughts. I live in an enormous cold world that yearns to inhabit warmth and love. As of now I currently am not an author of any best sellers, nor am I featured in Forbes. I’m just me… I love my music loud and I create relatable content for individuals who are different from me, showcasing that if we extract the outer layers we are indeed alike after all. We all deserve to be here and if you take that away from your visit then I’ve succeeded. Please follow, continue to like, and share.