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Each Tear

I would have left that day but waiting for you was a sign

It was a true testament to my faith in your return

Here it is many days and nights thereafter and I still weep inside

Wrapping myself up in your bed of lies, you said you’d never leave

Now I only see you in my dreams…

Your lips taste like dawn breaks

My heart pounds and my body aches

Then I awake to the tragedy of looking for someone that I know will never be there

I should have left that day…

Picture Perfect

You didn’t get the picture until you were out of it…

I was constantly sandwiched between asinine thoughts of ‘true love is like this’ and ‘it’s supposed to feel this way’

I invested in you and it cost me everything I was…

You’d leave and I’d still pray that wherever you were, the stars lit your night skies

While you preyed on my sincerity

Doing everything in my power to get you to come back safely regardless of the extent of the damage you caused when you left…

My loyalty to you, was deeply rooted

Hopeless to eradicate…

I wasn’t lost

I knew my worth

I didn’t fear you

I didn’t even need you

I just despised being alone until loneliness became familiar

You’d “change” when you thought you were losing me

Then retrocede when I’d return for more

Repeatedly rebounding…

I saturated the pillows with my feelings for you until I was empty


She fractured her own feelings because he always favored leaving

Futile and frustrated she was tired of being mistreated

Dealing with all his demons

Apologies that held no meaning

Friends ask why don’t you leave him?

Concealing her doltish reasons

The beatings cheating and bleeding

Began feeding into his dreaming

Once appealing now has her reeling

Sealing the spot of weakling