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Night And Day

I’m jealous of the sun’s solicitation and seduction

It’s able to kiss you in ways that I can’t

The only requirement is for it to shine and you smile in accordance…

It’s just so natural how complacent you are blanketed in its warmth as if it’ll never leave you

It bathes you in all of its luminous…

When night falls, the moon does the same

It’s suspended on high summoning the stars to gaze upon you

The spotlight is on you so I’m baptized in competition, submerged in rivalry

Striving to get closer to you than your shadow

Fraction of Love

At last a true love I knew you were the one

Though your antecedence was always the worst…

In the beginning I was of importance, then I realized you never put me first

Idolized you, it’s no surprise by you I was mesmerized…the greatest curse

They played you but me, I was the one who implored because I knew your worth

Yet didn’t know my own…

I adored you cared for you explored you because you were part of my Earth

No, you were my whole world

My one and only it was just the two of us.

A couple, a pair, two of a kind that nothing they did or discussed

Could make us break or bend

Sure we fussed, but you plus me always equaled up to trust

Until you changed it and we became three…

It angered me to be deceived by the one I loved so much.

Third-wheeling in a loveless triangle because you decided to break our circle of trust

Three’s company, this trio this trinity an inadequate coventry unwanted adultery


A triad of misery, all in the name of lust

For you I did everything even though you split me to the core a time or four before

All fours on the floors at your every beck and call

From a brisk shoulder to the bitter cold, guess that’s why I loved the spring of summer more

Those seasons of four were the loneliest with you…in autumn we fell off track

I remember how it all began, half a decade ago but it seemed way back

You smiled my way, it cost me nothing so I waved back

From high fives at the games to lift off on the tarmac

Five cities in five weeks, the five boroughs we conquered that

My sixth sense kicked in, our energies weren’t mixing our alignment was out of whack

Picture that

Picking me up to play me like the six strings on a guitar

When you were ready to be exalted, but I knew that mood swing wasn’t very far

You and yourself were polar opposites like the moon and the brightest star

This shit was like a game to you but my insides felt like they were behind bars

Heavy it weighed me down, seven pounds I’m in love with… I don’t even know who you are

Wounded and scarred

Thought we were climbing the stairway to seventh heaven but that theory has been disbarred.

I just wanted a mate that would relate, we could get into the swing of things

Someone to date, on the phone til late, up before eight and enjoy the finer things

Like the Niagara springs, dining like Kings on octopus and Peking in Beijing

Or like Namibia…

I was the desert sand and you were the sea that enriched me

More like an arrhythmia

You apprehended and seized my heart, to drown in your love was my only plea

You infiltrated me feeding me falsities

I ate that

Hoping what you hid beneath the surface never shook us and teased a tsunami

It’s like we’re living this life together, but separately

Here I am loving you endlessly and there you are…desperately

Questioning if you’re a priority when you’re the one that’s wrong morally

I treat you like royalty forgive me but loyalty, it’s in my pedigree

I know it’s wrong of me but technically I love you more than me and selfishly, you take more from me

While I affectionately give you all of me

Nine steps forward and ten back just to torture me…


I’ll admit it. You single-handedly crucified my mentality then enlisted to be the leader of my autopsy. 

I let you. 

You’ve always been proficient at perception pursuits, the mind games. A pro player breaking all the rules and taking hearts from fools, love blinded.

It isn’t fair.

We were a pair, always had each other’s backs and in this world we had no cares. But you disappeared.

Now I get to grieve the fact that these sheets have trapped a scent that’ll soon fade. 

I can’t believe you so sheepishly avoided sleeping in the bed you made.

Never thought I’d dream I’d be mourning you, but I got a rude awakening. What a nightmare.

This soul’s bare. 

Now I’m stuck between scorn and adieu, and I don’t know which side I’m taking.

I’ve forsaken all hope for reconciliation and managed to mistaken us for something with duration. It’s blatant your motive is to keep us apart. You’re out of the equation and this white flag, I’m stuck waving.

I give up.


This organ instrumentally played matchmaker, freely and unsung by me

Not composed and discarded with red tears that cry when I bleed

Your only job is to beat, not get pumped on the hook

Was hoping for a duet but a fairytale opera closed that book

Our love still had a pulse, weak…most would have let that tempo fade and die

I couldn’t cut the strings to our hearts, their beating was our only ally 

The bass in your voice echoed in my mind as you left, I only wished to be sound deaf

I guess the lines were crossed and you needed space, that was the symbol of our clef

You always held the major key, for me it was simply black and white

An impromptu waltz into my life with no prelude of a goodbye.

Rose Bush

Rainbows come to mind when you think of a band of colors. A horseshoe in the air that can only be seen if you have the right angle, reflection, and water dispersion. Beautiful I consent but I can’t ever touch a rainbow…besides they fade too quickly. Nature is complex. Constant, and its spectrum can be felt as well as seen…the most attractive rainbow to me.

Your creativity exudes yellow, you’re effervescent, a logical communicator I’m open to you…
Your vibrancy and optimism display the artistry of authentic platonic love. The sunshine before noon is comparable to you, connecting us and involuntarily emitting euphoria through its rays…pursuing us from a cloudless eternal sky that is detached from the sea perceptibly by the horizon.

You drift up and lay at my feet hurtling me out of a daze… Slowly creeping in reverse and with each pull back taking some of my reasoning with you. They’re like this sand I keep trying to bury my toes in… My thoughts, densely packed together and it takes something dominant like you to snap me out of them. An unspeakable shade of exotica, trimmed in a foamy eggshell…open and careless. Calming enough to soothe me to sleep, while floating as the sun beats down on my back….unremitting. It’s almost as if a mirror is being held to the sky how its reflection is stolen by the sea….unable to be recreated naturally. Those same introspective waters, treacherous at times are unforgiving to anyone willing to take a chance…darker hues of blue, slate even, command respect.

Miles and miles of those same waters retain a hidden universe underneath with shades of emerald to leave one aghast… Some may never experience it, but you don’t have to leave land to regard the renewed consciousness received by surrounding yourself in green. The freshly cut scent is unmatched…the leaves brushed by the wind while blanketing you from the sun shows how pleasantly simple sitting under a tree on a spring afternoon can be.

Our world rotates inconspicuously with the moon and sun appearing to reverse shifts, guardians…the brilliance of our brightest star is so dangerously provocative, compelling and blinding…conjoining yellow’s mental with red’s physical. Invigorating excitement that could clash or combust with any other fiery pigment is brought to arrest by yellow’s tranquility…is it orange or peach? I’m not sure, I don’t think this color has a name. It’s setting so rapidly now, and the pillowy overcasts take on a brand new dimension than that well-known marshmallow white.. Scattering deep pinks with soft lavenders adding a touch of passion and in betweens…enough to arouse feelings of hope and desire, truly hypnotic. It’s hard to imagine during the ten o’clock hour that such immersion as this owned the sky…