I hear you but I can’t see how you feel we should still be

I let you walk away because you deliberately walked all over me

The floor of my heart bottomed out and I consistently lost my breath

Falling in love with you felt like I was jumping to my death

Releasing you was my therapy if I reminisce I’ll fall off track

I’m afraid of the relapse, I just want my old life back.


Optimistic idealistic…energized by this star’s rays, end week or beginning…I live for blue skies and sun days 

But the rain reigns

When I’m with you…

Up, down, sideways

Your mood’s like fraternal twins…never look alike and there’s always two

The height of your spite dims the bright


Ruthless corpse. 

Vampire…not surprised that you hate the light

I pray at night that you prey and bite

The neck of a soul sucker…that’s just like you

Déjà vu

I crossed paths before with a different you

Promised myself never again will I impart

Cupid’s arrow struck me in the back, but I’m driving this stake through your heart…