You’re Gone

I needed to see you again to say goodbye hoping it would lead to a once more

Silly of me I know, keeping someone who doesn’t want to be kept

Taking you for granted…premeditated pain because I knew I’d get away with it, I didn’t care

I knew you’d always be there but I’m not ashamed of it…it was a game and I gained more than I came here with

It was effortless the way you loved me something I couldn’t return

You weren’t afraid of commitment but me, I refused any guarantees to liability

All I craved was your admiration and compliments

Content with your incompetence, I wasn’t loyal to you

Just faithful to what you did for my confidence

See my ego was bruised way before you and it ripped me to shreds

Listening to all the lies they fed, those words never led to action

They would keep filling me up to drain me, such sick satisfaction

Now contagious

You saw in me substance I’ve never felt

So I stood on your shoulders to gain another notch under my belt

Then that draining feeling returned but this time it wasn’t for me

I tried breaking you down but you knew your worth and couldn’t let that be

You deserve your forgiveness…

I sure as hell don’t

You didn’t want to be in a cage but couldn’t rage towards freedom

The quicksand cemented an invisible fear of leaving someone you thought you could help.

He Said

I ran from the very thing I didn’t want to become only to evolve into it anyway



Yet you vowed to purify me

But I was the drug you were addicted to

Saw what I did to you, to us…

I wasn’t of substance I just abused you

I needed you broken


So you’d be easier to control

The fear of losing you was too great

If you only believed you were great, you would have abandoned me

So I kept you and my insecurities apart

With the lies

Honestly, I lied because I knew I could…

I lied because it was easier than goodbye