You’ll know.

When the tears dry and you’re indifferent in familiar places

The memories begin to fade and you don’t wait for a call that will never come

That song doesn’t make you die inside, you don’t cry when you hear their name

You’re no longer afraid to love again…

Closure arrives and you’re grateful for the moment

That’s when you’ll know.

Finding You

You’re married to the pain and terrified to divorce it because your complete individuality has been established by upset and affliction. It’s something you’ve always received and accepted, as it’s customary to your life. Suffering…it’s all around you. It’s in your stride and your thoughts, even in the way you allow others to handle you. They dole out their weakness and you absorb it mentally staining a confidence you never knew. You’re designed by distress and composed of hurt. Afraid of life outside of it because you are clueless to who you are without it. People have always let you down and rejection seemed natural. Intimidation of things unfamiliar shouldn’t dominate your want for change. You must be starved of worry and gain a deep desire to heal.


I used to be a loser but now I think like a winner. Being down on my “luck” didn’t warrant the right to pity me, but it was the epitome of the change that was to come. What was luck anyway? There’s no such thing to me…I needed to learn to stay ready so I didn’t need to get ready and when an opportunity presented itself, I could confidently welcome it. In order to feel a sense of fulfillment following the close of each day, these three things need to have happened without focus on magnitude. Starting my day off with a positive mindset is imperative and sets the tone for my day. Therefore it is a must that I zero in on my goals rather than give in to distractions. Positively impacting people through writing is of great importance to me and one of the reasons why beginning my day positively is a must. We can sometimes become wrapped up in our personal lives creating a web of unintentional oblivion for others, so taking a moment to care for another is vital to my existence. The third thing that I must do daily to feel complete is remain open to any type of change. I understand that I can make plans, but adapting to change if necessary is something that I accept. I have to give in order to receive, and put others needs before my selfish wants…I know that everything I desire isn’t necessarily essential to my development. For me, learning is an addiction and creating is a drug. I’ll never stop needing one or using the other…