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Secular Sugar

Im inflicted from addiction to designer things
Hypnotized by bling, oversized colorless diamond coated rings
Facets and variations of gold, company kept by Queens
Global mansions with natural springs, adorned colossal statues fit for Egyptian Kings
It seems, palm trees fade to black when contrasted to the bright lights of cities
Hermes bags line shop windows Louboutin’s worn by beauties, Nefertiti
The city streets are culturally soaked the air drenched with the stench of overpriced foods
CLK’s and 760’s line the curb driven by Balenciaga wearing brainwashed fools
High maintenance, I’m sanctioned by the famine of financial freedom
Black tie affairs, yachts with heirs, quietly in despair all fighting the same demons
This allegiance to reigning supreme basking in the glory of the elite
Proves to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing and  that the powerful are really weak
What we seek is down deep, but we rat race for an image to keep
There’s no winning when worshipping things, in moments of clarity solace we seek
Yet I’m STILL inflicted from addiction to design..er-earthly things
Body stripped of my soul, final rest, what did it all truly mean?