Finding You

You’re married to the pain and terrified to divorce it because your complete individuality has been established by upset and affliction. It’s something you’ve always received and accepted, as it’s customary to your life. Suffering…it’s all around you. It’s in your stride and your thoughts, even in the way you allow others to handle you. They dole out their weakness and you absorb it mentally staining a confidence you never knew. You’re designed by distress and composed of hurt. Afraid of life outside of it because you are clueless to who you are without it. People have always let you down and rejection seemed natural. Intimidation of things unfamiliar shouldn’t dominate your want for change. You must be starved of worry and gain a deep desire to heal.

Give In To Fear

Fear puts restrictions and limitations on our lives. When we allow ourselves to be afraid of something, we put a ceiling on our true potential. It cripples us, keeping us stagnant as we begin to accept stability because it is familiar. Naturally, we are compelled to maintain a level of security and we look to preserve comfort. So stepping out into the unknown puts a spotlight on our insecurities, making us aware of the possibility of defeat.

When we take a look at what fear actually is, it can be described as an undesirable emotion that leads you to believe something is harmful or painful. What if I fail? Well, if you fail then you grow. Making mistakes should be embraced because of the many benefits you gain from making them. Thomas A. Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” What if he had given up? Many of us fear the embarrassment of failing, financial loss, and even finding ourselves alone. These fears keep us complacent. These things are valid in their place, but do your what if’s outweigh your passion for success? Imagine the personal gain and satisfaction you’ll receive by setting your goals and finally reaching them.

Failing at something once or one hundred times is an accomplishment in itself and a step towards achieving your goal. It develops you by teaching you adequacy and thoroughness. Too many times we give up at the very moment when we should have continued. Overcoming fear is essential in reaching your goals. If you are passionate about something, don’t give in to fear. When you give in to fear, you lose the power to control your own circumstance.