Crippled Contents

I wanted you to stitch the torn pieces of me back together

Sew the shredded fragments of ripped reliance so that I’d be whole again

I just knew that if you ran your fingers across my seams they’d be invisible because perfect was you

Even the sky admitted it…

The rain fell gently, the wind whispered your name

The sun resented your glow

You were art and I craved your brush’s stroke

But we traded heartbreak instead…

Your courage was ragged too

The dark clouds obscured a bruised psyche that quietly complimented my flawed existence

We were balanced destruction…

Equally ravaged and mentally vandalized

Our defective ways fulfilled an eternal bond


It has no pretense no false intentions 

Zero demands no struggling contentions

It doesn’t keep score won’t conceal or harbor

It’s an open door and heals, a coat of armor

Love’s not dishonest disrespectful disloyal

Nor a contest neglectful judgmental or formal

It soars above enmity with high vibrations 

Continuity durability with a deathless duration

A perpetuating stability contentment guaranteed 

Steadfast and agreeable love does not mislead