I’m different now because what we went through it changed me

We had the same hiding place but inconsistent intentions

I figured out I couldn’t grow buried beneath your monsters too

So in order for me to be free it was necessary to let you go

I’m different now because I know I don’t need you to improve

But I don’t regret our time, I learned a lot about me and from you

At first I couldn’t recognize that I was dodging a bullet, I just knew we were proof

That two damaged people could keep each other from falling apart

I’m different now because I’m strong enough to accept your part in my story being over

You were a tough lesson to learn I just hate that I kept repeating it

I finally made me top priority

I’m different now

Black And White

I gave you roses and you devoured the thorns

My contentment in you was met with scorn

I’d go above and beyond you’d sink below

My pain accidental yours intentional

I’d defend your attacks but silently weep

Lie awake in turmoil while you’d soundly sleep

Questioned your motives though the answers were clear

This divided unity was something I feared

You arrested my love so I set you free

What we had is who we were meant to be