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Night And Day

I’m jealous of the sun’s solicitation and seduction

It’s able to kiss you in ways that I can’t

The only requirement is for it to shine and you smile in accordance…

It’s just so natural how complacent you are blanketed in its warmth as if it’ll never leave you

It bathes you in all of its luminous…

When night falls, the moon does the same

It’s suspended on high summoning the stars to gaze upon you

The spotlight is on you so I’m baptized in competition, submerged in rivalry

Striving to get closer to you than your shadow


On the underside of an hour from dusk and the sand continued to beam from the rays of the once rising sun. She climbed out of the bungalow and hopped onto his sweaty back giggling at his surprise as he ran full speed towards the calling ocean. Falling into the deep, they arrived with smiles as he released her coral top’s tie from behind. They candidly frolicked in the salted bounding main under squawking gulls in an endless motley consumed sky. The sun met the horizon and the waves began to batter the bank as he pulled her beneath the surface stealing a kiss. His hands caressed her back then cupped her breasts. As she opened her eyes he reached for her neck, his grip quickly firming. Veins popped out of her head like lightning bolts splitting the atmosphere, her legs kicking wildly. He rose above keeping her down by the top of her head as she frantically fought for air. Her movements slowed and she limply fell into the void. Back to shore, he gathered his shirt and their towels and headed to the hotel bar. He sat next to a man on the last stool finishing his drink never acknowledging him. He reached below him grabbing a briefcase near his feet and headed to his room leaving the man on his stool. He barely shut the door behind him before emptying the money out of the briefcase onto his bed. His cruise would leave at dawn, but he didn’t want to take any chances. He packed his things then headed to shower before fleeing. Pulling the thick curtain back he was greeted with piercing misery and stood shocked at the amount of blood leaving his body. He fell to his knees. His heartbeat echoed in his ears as he struggled to breathe, the blade of the knife still in his abdomen. He heard a door close and everything drew black.

That Ship Has Sailed

We were destined to be just as fate would allow

I saw you for what you were and willingly complied

I wasn’t blind

Whether you caught me or not I was falling, I was knee deep in it

You counted your blessings and took advantage of my disadvantage, unconditional love

I was stuck on you

Attached I was glued, adhering to the idea of your affection someday mirroring mine

I relied on your devotion…

Bound to the belief that you were listening while I was critically whispering

They say if you love something set it free, should I let you leave?

It’s clear you have no intent on rescuing me out of this mental quicksand

You were dark and cold…

Then you disappeared like the sun kissing the ocean and all I could do was watch it set

Prudent? No. Foolish? Maybe so, but I’ve got to make friends with that part of me


The leaves and branches crunched beneath her bare feet as she ran through the woods in a torn black dress. She tripped over a stump falling face first to the ground then instantly covered her mouth with both hands. Her ankle was twisted and she wanted to scream out in inconceivable pain, but knew if she did he’d hear her. She sat with her back against a tree and wiped the blood from above her brow and wept silently. It was completely dark and Kris couldn’t see anything except the breath that escaped her mouth and nose. There was no one around for miles and she had nowhere to go. She knew she couldn’t stay there but she wasn’t sure if Steven followed her into the woods or not. She had never seen her husband so upset before and needed to get as far away from him as possible. This weekend getaway was supposed to be about celebrating their anniversary but he found out she’d been having an affair. After nearly two hours Kris began to crawl back to the cabin hoping he would be gone so she could call for help. Halfway there she tried to stand and was hit from behind so hard that it knocked her unconscious. Steven woke up in his bed the next morning in hysterics and called the police. “Calm down sir” the operator said before asking “how long has your wife been missing?” “She wasn’t here, I got home from work around six last night and and she” Steven choked through his words “I thought maybe she went out with some friends.” The operator kept him on the line until police arrived at his home. After weeks of multiple conflicting interviews Steven was charged with murder and spent months in jail awaiting his trial. His day had finally come and before the verdict was read the judge asked him if there was anything he wanted to say. Steven stood and turned to Kris’ family with tears in his eyes and said “I loved Kris with all my heart and I’d never want to hurt her. I want to catch this person just as much as you do, and I need you all to believe it wasn’t me. I love you” he said to her mother who was grimacing and crying simultaneously. He sat down and his attorney patted him on the back. The judge began, “have you reached a verdict?” and the jury foreperson responded “We have, your Honor. We the jury, in the case of The State of Missouri versus Steven Edwards, find the defendant not guilty of the charge of second degree murder.” Steven fell to his knees in disbelief and Kris’ family erupted in agony. “Thank you, Jury, for your service today. Court is adjourned.” Steven stood and his attorney congratulated him just as Kris’ mother walked quickly towards him. She screamed through tears “I know you did it you son of a bitch! I know you killed my daughter.” A slow grin spread across his face and he mouthed the words ‘they’ll never find her body’ to her and walked out.

Picture Perfect

You didn’t get the picture until you were out of it…

I was constantly sandwiched between asinine thoughts of ‘true love is like this’ and ‘it’s supposed to feel this way’

I invested in you and it cost me everything I was…

You’d leave and I’d still pray that wherever you were, the stars lit your night skies

While you preyed on my sincerity

Doing everything in my power to get you to come back safely regardless of the extent of the damage you caused when you left…

My loyalty to you, was deeply rooted

Hopeless to eradicate…

I wasn’t lost

I knew my worth

I didn’t fear you

I didn’t even need you

I just despised being alone until loneliness became familiar

You’d “change” when you thought you were losing me

Then retrocede when I’d return for more

Repeatedly rebounding…

I saturated the pillows with my feelings for you until I was empty


We never wanted kids. We were together since high school and he always thought he’d be a pro football player and have me as his trophy housewife. I was fine with that. We loved spoiling one another and spending our free time together. Kids would change our lives and we never wanted to be labeled as bad parents. He came from a big family and had countless nieces and nephews that we would see often. My mother always wanted me to make her a grandmother especially being the only child. I just never thought I’d feel like a mother and I didn’t want to one day regret bringing a life into the world. What if I couldn’t love them? We were packing for our trip to Bora Bora after a long season. I couldn’t wait to spend our anniversary in a new atmosphere together and completely alone. It was the night before our flight and we were sitting on the couch watching television and he randomly blurted out that he wanted to have a baby. I never took my eyes off the screen hoping I didn’t just hear what I think I heard. He shut the tv off and put both of my hands in his repeating himself. I began to cry and he did too but our tears were for different reasons.