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Black And White

I gave you roses and you devoured the thorns

My contentment in you was met with scorn

I’d go above and beyond you’d sink below

My pain accidental yours intentional

I’d defend your attacks but silently weep

Lie awake in turmoil while you’d soundly sleep

Questioned your motives though the answers were clear

This divided unity was something I feared

You arrested my love so I set you free

What we had is who we were meant to be


It’s all starting to make sense

I get why people say ‘I wish I knew then what I know now’

Maybe I wouldn’t feel this way…

Sure it was destiny, but if I could rewrite history you would have been a mystery

Never to occur

Why didn’t my mind save my heart? You put me through rings of fire…

I was rooted, you grew wild

You built walls, I climbed them

The deepest of pain couldn’t penetrate the extent of my love, it was unconditional

But you loved conditionally and differently, without dignity

No cares…

You simply said you don’t know what true love is

That you’re okay with being careless

You have a fetish with being selfish

You relish in this hell this trellis, only exist to be overzealous

Yet I cherish…the air you breathe


Trapped Inside

His diseased and decaying body danced at the door of decease even though he desperately desired the dawn of a new day…

He prayed to a deity, a divinity to deliver direction during this delayed display of deteriorating dependence…it was disturbing to distinguish the decline in his demeanor, his darkened eyes darting around deficient and destitute, deprived of life. The dagger of truth cut decidedly knowing that deep down the damage was different, definite, definitive…delight’s been deceived and destroyed by the decrease of development…he was in debt to a designed demise, it was the duty of death to collect.


Bona fide allegiance we painted the ideal picture. A sculpted silent charade, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The art of we, internally you hardened to me…

Like arteries you were carried away from my heart. The weight of defeat made it hard to breathe, I was the vein on the way to your heart. 

But I’ll wait in vain, again for you to proclaim my heart. Never to parade on your depart, I gave you my whole and not a part. The affection of our connection was subjected to infection. To solemnly speak, we fought for peace. At war in our fort that was concrete and complete, now drilled down to a bit and a piece. Dynamic duo, we were a manic dual unable to battle our leukemic duel.