Black And White

I gave you roses and you devoured the thorns

My contentment in you was met with scorn

I’d go above and beyond you’d sink below

My pain accidental yours intentional

I’d defend your attacks but silently weep

Lie awake in turmoil while you’d soundly sleep

Questioned your motives though the answers were clear

This divided unity was something I feared

You arrested my love so I set you free

What we had is who we were meant to be

Picture Perfect

You didn’t get the picture until you were out of it…

I was constantly sandwiched between asinine thoughts of ‘true love is like this’ and ‘it’s supposed to feel this way’

I invested in you and it cost me everything I was…

You’d leave and I’d still pray that wherever you were, the stars lit your night skies

While you preyed on my sincerity

Doing everything in my power to get you to come back safely regardless of the extent of the damage you caused when you left…

My loyalty to you, was deeply rooted

Hopeless to eradicate…

I wasn’t lost

I knew my worth

I didn’t fear you

I didn’t even need you

I just despised being alone until loneliness became familiar

You’d “change” when you thought you were losing me

Then retrocede when I’d return for more

Repeatedly rebounding…

I saturated the pillows with my feelings for you until I was empty

She Said

I always knew it would end this way

All buds don’t bloom but I begged for you to water me

I gave you all of me and what I thought you needed was time, I can’t lose…

Knowing I was playing the fool I lied, pretended I was emotionally detached

But it got harder to see you go

She had you first and we had an understanding

I was your best kept secret and I kept your secret, in exchange for time

Time is what you couldn’t give to me and I became the enemy when I recognized your energy was off

You weren’t as into me…like before

I’d see you with her holding hands and it killed me

To act like I didn’t have you the night before

It’s like I was invisible and you were invincible, I had to be okay with eating the crumbs off her plate

No calls no cards no texts no dates

Just walls and guards complex always late

I’d debate

Calling her up and describing every inch of your body

But something in me knew that would take just the small piece I have of you away

Every ounce of me understands heartbreak except my heart

I admit I was wrong for hoping you’d see the loyalty in our infidelity

You were supposed to leave her with nothing giving me everything

Deep inside I know you won’t and I’ll be the one to lose

But I just can’t let you go